MTD - Making Tax Digital scheme

Expert Accountancy Support

Our personalised bookkeeping services are based on dedicated solutions, so we assign a dedicated bookkeeper to your business.

Dedicated Client Managers

We ensure that you access experienced client managers dedicated to efficiently managing your accounts.

A Real-Time Overview

We ensure that taxpayers have a real-time overview of and insight into their current standing and outstanding tax bills.

Simple Transition

We simplify the transition through our sophisticated digital taxation systems, benefiting your business by increasing revenue.

Need “Make Tax Digital Services”?

What is MTD (Making Tax Digital)? In 2015, HMRC developed plans, and the intention was to bring transformation to the tax system by making it online. This effort was for making the system more precise and easier to use. This move ultimately digitised how UK businesses, accounting experts, and bookkeepers record and submit their taxes to HMRC. Nevertheless, businesses had shown their concerns about the changes in terms of their scope and pace, which developed confusion. So, businesses are still facing issues when making the necessary plans and investment to ensure their compliance. As a result, they are left open to the penalty risk.

However, Blue Water Accountants offers you make tax digital services in Nottinghamshire, so you don’t need to worry about all these issues.

Making Tax Digital: Common Problems You May Face

MDT is likely to make the tax management process easier for you. Nevertheless, it will be difficult to implement this new taxation system, and definitely, it will have problems. You may find many businesses and individuals struggling to understand exactly what the new tax mechanism entails. HMRC have brought changes to the planned roll-out of the new tax system, which has developed uncertainty among taxpayers. Only expert online accountants for small business owners can overcome these problems.

If you do not understand the new system, or do not meet the responsibility of paying taxes, you may face many issues, including penalties or inappropriate attention from HMRC.

Our making tax digital for business services will help you, based on our strong knowledge base and expertise, manage the switch to Digital Tax Accounts by keeping HMRC changes. We are here to develop your skills and enable you to confidently create your online account, access the digital hub, and update your status digitally and regularly.

Make Tax Digital VAT Service By Blue Water Accountants

HMRC introduced MTD for Business on 1st April 2019 for all UK-based VAT-registered businesses whose turnover is above the current VAT threshold of £85,000. We offer the service of making tax digital for VAT to assist you in better keeping track of how much tax you are obliged to pay throughout the financial year.

We replace manual bookkeeping jobs with digital tax accounts. This way, you can check the information held by HMRC about you is accurate. Our MTD based new reporting function will let HMRC delve immediately into your tax information, which mitigates human error from data input.

MTD For Corporation Tax (VAT) – How Can We Help?

You need to be prepared for MTD for VAT, as it will affect your first VAT return period following 1 April 2022. Getting worried? Don’t worry about this matter!

However, you need to understand how MTD affects your business. We will assign you an expert client services manager who will present various options that best suit your business needs. As a result, the manager will assist you to be MTD compliant. We have a professional VAT team who will help you make sense of the method for keeping digital records. We ensure that your VAT returns are digitally submitted without any trouble.

Features Of Make Tax Digital

The introduction of Digital Tax Accounts is an online tax-management platform. It provides a current overview of where you stand in the real-time scenario. It means you will have insight into the money you are obliged to pay.

Blue Water Accountants is the expert of “Digital Tax Accounts’ ‘. HMRC designed this system to give taxpayers and businesses more insight into their payable taxes. These taxes include VAT, corporation tax, and Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE)/payroll tax. By handling your Digital Tax Accounts, we will enable you to pay your annual tax-bills using AI accounting software. Whether you need MDT services or others like pension auto-enrolment services, we will gladly provide you with professional support.

Professional Accounting Services

Blue Water Accountants is a trustworthy accounting company that also deals in the digital tax return area very professionally. We have a team of highly qualified accountants, and we aim to enable you to avoid mistakes in tax return issues.

Self Assessment

We use HM Revenue & Customs approved software to complete your tax return, estimate your tax liability and file the return online.

One-Stop Accounting Services

We have comprehensive and personalised accounting services, which help you maximise revenue and profit to a greater extent.

Company Accounts and CT600 Tax Returns

We record all pertinent financial dates for your company, which are due 12 months following your accounting period ends. And you can access this information.

Making Tax Digital (MTD) Scheme

We manage all aspects of your business finances based on the MTD scheme. Digital accounting is something that makes our services prominent in the crowd.

What Our Making Tax Digital Corporation Tax Service Can Do For You

We Help Accountants Navigate MTD

Being a reliable and responsible Digital Tax UK-based Company, we have MTD preparation packages that set you apart from your peers based on our technology and insights. So, you don’t need to worry about anything, as our digital tax return experts are here to produce the ultimate, adjusted accounting data. They will do this by managing totalling and categorising of data ready for MTD and collecting data from HMRC. We are always ready to stand with you. We ensure your support through solutions for the new MTD regime, as we work closely with HMRC and accountants.

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