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Instead of focusing on payroll and HR, spend your time on your big dreams, and leave your payroll matters in our hands

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With our payroll services, you only need to pay for your preferred options, so you can efficiently manage costs.

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You made a wise decision by starting your small business. So, do not take chances with ever-changing HR rules and regulations.

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The Best Payroll Services For Small Business

As a small business owner, you may handle issues of payroll and HR, among others. Being a small business entity, it is likely that you still do not have a dedicated human resources department to get professional support in dealing with payroll issues. As much as you think you can handle payroll and related issues on your own, considering our payroll services for small businesses will undoubtedly benefit you. Think that one in three small ventures ends up being penalised by the HRMC and must pay severe penalties for not paying the exact fees or not filing the compulsory forms. You do not want to be that establishment, do you?

We understand that each company is unique. Therefore, Blue Water Accountants has created small business payroll services specifically to help you!



Experienced Payroll Providers For Small Business In The UK

As each business entity has unique characteristics, we offer personalised payroll solutions. We have a professional payroll processing service that enables you to focus on your business, not on payroll-related issues. It means we enable you to manage your payroll easily and precisely, and ensure that you keep your employees happy. We also ensure that you consult our payroll experts when you need it and receive quarterly and annual reports on the payroll.

If you prefer our payroll management and processing services, we also serve you with free estimates and trial periods.

Delegate Strenuous Payroll Responsibilities To Expert Hands

Your payroll management must meet high expectations in the comprehensive management of your company. Obviously, oversights and mistakes are inevitable within any organisation. However, it would help you if you are cautious of this task. After all, resources must be on track and balanced to avoid bankruptcy risks. Therefore, paying much attention to this activity will optimise payroll records, control careless flow of resources, and then you can avoid tax risks.

These great benefits will only be reflected with detailed control in the accounting management department. Therefore, avoiding unnecessary risks for your company is in your hands. Take a wise decision by preferring our payroll services company and delegate these strenuous responsibilities to our payroll management experts.

Increase Data Security with Our Business Payroll Services

Payroll management is something delicate that can pose some risks when handling it. Risks may emerge, especially internally and if responsibility is delegated to a person within the company. You may face a series of frauds, such as identity theft, funds’ manipulation, among others. These happen when the company lacks rigorous control over the payroll handling and who executes it. You can avoid these risky situations and have firm control by hiring a reliable payroll service.

Compliance with Tax Responsibilities

Although sometimes small business owners may not be aware of the tax laws and obligations. Here, we take responsibility for the fiscal and legal processes and declarations performed within the company, and above all, in the payroll management process. Remember that inadequate payroll management can create conflicts and issues, such as penalties, withholdings, and other major problems. A reliable service of payroll for accountants will make sure that these processes are performed by keeping the appropriate legal and fiscal frameworks in mind. Blue Water Accountants has payroll experts who can prevent you from facing these issues.

Accounting Services

Blue Water Accountants will go beyond to help you bring improvement to your business and reach your goals. We also have expert self-assessment tax return accountants who will help you file the return online!


We use HM Revenue & Customs approved software to complete your tax return, estimate your tax liability and file the return online.

One-Stop Accounting Services

We have comprehensive and personalised accounting services, which help you maximise revenue and profit to a greater extent.

Company Accounts and CT600 Tax Returns

We record all pertinent financial dates for your company, which are due 12 months following your accounting period ends. And you can access this information.

Making Tax Digital (MTD) Scheme

We manage all aspects of your business finances based on the MTD scheme. Digital accounting is something that makes our services prominent in the crowd.

What You Get With Our Small Business Payroll Services

Our Payroll Services Suit Your Needs

Some industries have specific needs when it comes to payroll. For example, do your retail shop employees earn a low base wage? Does the sales personnel earn a commission-based wage? If so, your needs may be different from those paying their staff on an hourly or annual basis. Leave this matter in our hands, as we always make sure our payroll management service handles them efficiently.

Our online accountants for small businesses are always with you to make things easier!

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