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Why Is There A Need To Hire A Bookkeeper In Addition To The Accountant?

We’ve always advised business owners to hire an accountant for compliance and tax guidance, as well as a bookkeeper to keep the day-to-day accounts up to date and file VAT (Value Added Tax) returns on time. Having two employees with separate tasks guarantees that you get the best possible result for your company.

Along with accountancy and other compliance services, many accountants now offer bookkeeping. Some bookkeepers will provide accounting services despite not having completed the years of schooling required of an accountant.

We always advise hiring both a bookkeeper and an accountant. Although we are confident in our online bookkeeping services, it makes sense to have another professional analyse the accounts each year and advise our customers on tax savings and long-term planning.

Why Do You Need To Hire A Bookkeeper?

Our job as a bookkeeper includes keeping track of income and expenses and making sure we meet VAT deadlines. However, it also entails becoming a part of your company, being reachable when you have a question, and keeping you informed. The most common complaint we hear from new clients is that their accountant never gives them advice on how to improve their business. The relationship we cultivate with each of our clients is critical in ensuring that they feel free to ask questions or discuss any aspect of their business whenever they need to.

A bookkeeper will not only provide you peace of mind, but they will also relieve you of the overwhelming sensation you get when your business is booming and you don’t have time to keep your books up to date, let figure out how to simplify what you’re doing. You’ll never do three months’ worth of accounts on the day your VAT return is due again.

Do You Consider A Bookkeeper As An Expense?

We’re dealing with companies whose bookkeeping costs have dropped by half or two-thirds since they started working with us. Of course, if you’ve never used a bookkeeper before, the cost will be higher than if you did it yourself. However, consider the time you’ll save and the value you’ll add to your business by having compliant and accurate accounts, as well as the benefit of having someone to talk to about any account-related issues.

How About A Bookkeeper AND An Accountant?

It’s always worth looking into the prices of hiring both a bookkeeper and an accountant since you could be surprised to learn that they’re not as expensive as you thought. This does not imply that you will be charged twice. When getting quotations for bookkeeping and accounting services, it’s a good idea to ask an accountant for a breakdown of bookkeeping (including VAT reports) and accountancy. Consider having your accounting done remotely, as it may be more cost-effective for your company.

An accountant who knows your bookkeeper will supply accounts that are accurate and given to them quickly would most likely give you a lot better price than if you did it yourself and they had to rewrite the figures.

Are you ready to outsource your bookkeeping?

If that’s the case, give us a call and speak with one of our helpful bookkeepers to see how we can assist you. We at Blue Water Accounts deal with businesses of all sizes, from those that are just getting started to those who have been in business for a while. So, if you want efficiency or are looking for new bookkeeping services in the UKcontact us.

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